Accelerating ETL on KubeFlow with RAPIDS

Originally published at: Accelerating ETL on KubeFlow with RAPIDS | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Using RAPIDS on your KubeFlow cluster empowers you to GPU-accelerate your ETL work in both your interactive sessions and ETL pipelines.

Hey, post author here! Thanks for reading, I really hope it was useful.

This post was particularly exciting for me and my team because it marks the culmination of months of engineering work. At the start of 2022 we set out to ensure that RAPIDS integrates seamlessly with KubeFlow and as a result ended up completely overhauling how Dask deployments work on Kubernetes.

It has taken many hours of engineering effort to even make this post possible, so a huge thank you to everyone both within RAPIDS and also in the Dask community who came together to make this happen.