Acceleration structure host building in vulkan khr ray tracing

Hello everyone.
I encountered some problems when using vulkan ray tracing.
I am able to build the AccelerationStructure on the device normally, but when I want to use vkBuildAccelerationStructureKHR to build the AccelerationStructure on the host side, this function does not seem to work (scratchData has not changed, the data passed to the shader is unuseful(Compared device building)). When passing parameters, I refer to the description of the vulkan documentation. All VkDeviceOrHostAddressConstKHR contains the host address.
My environment is built with reference to this tutorial:

vulkan 1.2.135
nvidia vulkan driver: Windows 442.98

I am viewing nvidia vulkan driver page (https: // developer / vulkan-driver), I found that it did not mention the host build. Does the current driver not support this feature?