Access GMSL camera image in python

For quick prototyping, it would be a heavy improvement to access the camera images and the bus data within python. The question is, how can the camera frames be streamed to python.

Any experience with something related? Or any hints?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi JHaselberger,
Please follow

Thank you for your reply, but the provided thread does not provide any usable information how to grab the camera frames.

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You can ask on that thread to check if some one in the community done this. BTW for quick prototyping you can try modifying the existing Driveworks samples also. what is the use case you are looking into?

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,

I thought it would be not useful to reply to an one year old thread.

As we are working on some interdisciplinary student projects, which could all be summarized as driver assistance systems it’s quite thwarting to force everybody to ‘learn and understand’ the driveworks API. It would be easier to provide our students a python framework, which is capable to communicate with the DPX2.

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I fully agree with JHaselberger. Any chance for a Python interface fro GMSL cameras?

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Hello everybody, I completely agree with the above two comments.
Briefly, I also need to access to the gmsl images / video streams with python/c++, then I can pass it to the ROS. There are solutions around the forum, but it appears by driveworks 1.2 and sdk 5.0.10, there is a large change in the API, so any solution from developer forums giving ‘not declared’ type errors.

Aynone with solutions?

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Hello all,

I’m sort of in the same place, trying to access the GMSL camera using the Python API and OpenCV. Has anyone had any success with that?

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still no reply after so long time, in year 2020.

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Dear @hhll,

The last DRIVE SW release for DRIVE PX2 does not deliver Python api to access the GMSL . Note that we are targeting our DRIVE SW releases for DRIVE AGX platform. Please consider upgrading to DRIVE AGX to get latest SW releases.


Did anyone figure out how to make this work? I having the same issue.