Access omniverse composer on workstation via ssh

Hi, I would like to use omniverse composer app as remote. I got one workstation and one pc. I was attempting to access omniverse composer via ssh from my pc. I got streaming client app on my client pc. I got omniverse composer app on launcher in workstation. I followed these steps: Using Omniverse Streaming Client β€” Omniverse Streaming Client latest documentation and this: but when I tried to access omniverse composer from client pc i got these issues:

Streaming is just for viewing only. Not for actually using it remotely. For that, just remote in and use it as normal with something like remote desktop, or VNC. Streaming won’t help.

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So, Does not omniverse support to open omniverse composer app in host workstation from client pc with ssh without installing composer app to local? Thanks your reply by the way

Well like any app, you can run it fully remote from another computer. I use VNC to log in remote to several machines running all kinds of software. Omniverse is no different.

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Thanks a lot @Richard3D

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