Access output of Primary Classifier


I have modified deepstream-app2 from deepstream_python_apps to work only for classification. Please, note that, I do not need object detection, and want to perform classification on entire frame.
I have removed primary detector, How can I access the predictions(outputs) of the classifier in the probe function? And draw it on the frame.

Also, these are some variables:

frame_meta.misc_frame_info : [0 0 0 0]
frame_meta.frame_user_meta_list : None
frame_meta.display_meta_list : None
frame_meta.obj_meta_list : None
frame_meta.bInferDone : 0


please set process-mode to 1.
in you case, if process entire frame by classification model as a pgie, there will be new object meta in frame meta, and classification meta will be added in object meta.
if want to draw, please refer to probe function of deepstream-test2, you can use nvds_add_display_meta_to_frame.

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