Access to APT repository failure

I’m trying to install Jetpack 6 on my new Jetson Orin Nano using SDK from my Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) computer host. It’s choking on a repository it can’t seem to access at ‘Index of /bablu-boy/nutty.0.1/ubuntu jammy Release’ and says “it does not have a release file” I’ve tried doing this in terminal and that URL gets a “404 not found” message. I went to the URL and sure enough there are repos for earlier versions of ubuntu but nothing for 22.04. Any advice or workarounds appreciated.

Update. I decided to set up my host computer as a dual boot with Ubuntu 18.04 to workaround the lack of a jammy release. Unfortunately I’m now having problems with SDKManager “Error: Cannot get HW L3 Json Data. File path:” This looks like it could be a problem on Nvidia’s end. Interestingly I had no problem logging in with SDKManager on Ubuntu 22 / jammy on this same computer.

Further Update, I changed to Ubuntu 20 (focal) and have finally had success in getting SDK Manager working with Jetpack 6 and the Jetson Orin Nano. To anyone reading this I would recommend not wasting your time with Ubuntu 24 or 18 with SDKManager and the Jetson Orin…go with Ubuntu 20. Too many troubles otherwise. I now have an intermittent USB problem during flashing but hey at least it’s trying to flash!! but it is not related to original post so admin can close this. Hope my drama is useful to someone.

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