Access to hardware for DLSS3


I am an indie game developer working on a framework for AI-driven generation of large worlds.
I am anxious to evaluate the latest generation GeForce capabilities with respect to rendering the generated worlds – especially to evaluate DLSS3.

My problem is that I live in Sweden where it seems impossible to buy 4090 Founders Edition. Is there any program for developers where this kind of hardware can be bought?

Hello @svarm, very nice to read from you again!

Sadly we do not have any specific programs for independent developers like yourself. Given how sought after our latest GPUs are, even the big studios have to wait their turn to receive cards.

But I know that the right people at NVIDIA are aware of this issue and are working on ways to at least make it possible for proven developers to be able to buy one of our GPUs and not depend on luck in finding an online offer.

I cannot share anything specific on this, but if we have found a solution, we will make sure to announce it on our company pages and here in the forums.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a solution is found.

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