Access to RpResource native graphics resource(s)?

Hi there,

Is there a way to access the ID3D12Resource (assuming there is one) associated with an RpResource through any existing APIs?

For some context, I am using multiple IHydraTexture’s to do some rendering and then processing the results. At the moment I’m using the renderer_capture api to read-back the LdrColor AOV each frame and then uploading the images to a graphics context I’m managing. Being able to access the GPU resources directly would make things much easier (and faster!).

Thanks in Advance :)

Hi @mbatchelor. Let me check with the dev team on this.

Hi @mbatchelor. Sorry for the delay. This is not possible with the current exposed APIs, but it’s something that the dev team is looking into.

Hi @mati-nvidia. No problem, thanks for looking into that for me.