Access to ssd-mobilenetv2 lite

Hello, im trying to use a different custom model for DetectNet and when i type ‘python3 --help’
i see that i can use these models:
–net NET The network architecture, it can be mb1-ssd,
mb1-ssd-lite, mb2-ssd-lite or vgg16-ssd.
but when i try to type this argument it doesnt work.
i see that you have to download something like this for it but this one is for ssd mobilenet :wget -O models/mobilenet-v1-ssd-mp-0_675.pth

where can i get the one for mb2-ssd-lite? or the other ones listed here? im trying to use different architectures to see which one has better object detection.

also, would i be able to do something similar and run other networks that are pytorch that arent on here? like YOLO v8 or would i not be able to convert over to DetectNet?

thank you

The other base models can be found in the upstream pytorch-ssd repo here:

Not all are guaranteed to work with the ONNX export + TensorRT import. I recall trying mb2-ssd-lite but it didn’t really perform better than the default ssd-mobilenet-v1.

The TAO Detection models are supported and are optimized (and you can train your own of those using TAO Toolkit on x86) -

I don’t support YOLO in jetson-inference because there are too many variants for me to conceivably support, however there are a number of resources available for deploying YOLOv8 with TensorRT:

Thank you Dusty!

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