Access to v2.1 of the SDK etc

There has been posts from Nvidia mentioning that there is a new version of the SDK and tooling. When will we get to see the new version?

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up, interested !

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Just chiming in here. Looking forward to testing both updated H2 support as well as the new iOS client.

The 2.1 release is imminent - just cleaning up a couple loose ends. But, it’s close


What does imminent mean? Obviously not this month. Next month? Summer? This year? Not trying to be sarcastic here, just want a realistic timeline.

Hi @filip.wanstrom - Thanks for reaching out! I will circle back with you on Monday with an update.


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Very excited about testing this release. Eagerly awaiting it.

Download CloudXR SDK 2.1
Damaged Zip - Unexpected end of archive.

Yep same issue here with the zip

Hi all -

Thank you for reporting this error - the team is fixing this right away. I’ll post an update here once 2.1 is ready for download.


Hi all–

The file is fixed, you should be able to download the 2.1 release now.

Thanks for the patience!


All Ok, tnks