Access Unit Delimiter in H265 stream


I’m looking for a way to enable Access Unit Delimiter NAL insertion in H265 streams. Can you please point me to the right API? or any configuration in gstreamer plugin to enable this?

Reference: This was faced in TX1 also, as mention in this thread

Hi, this will be supported in next release.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your response. When is the next release for Tegra X2 expected?
If it’s soon then we can wait but if there is significant time then can you provide an intermediate drop like TX1 thread?


It is planned to be in early July.

Hi Dane,

Thanks for the info. We are porting our system from Tegra X1 to Tegra X2 and our system requires AUD NAL to be present in the output stream. Can you please provide us a intermediate drop so that we can continue with our porting?

Thanks for the support.

I am sorry but please kindly wait for next release.

Ok, we look forward to the next release.

Please try r28.1