access violation

I have a large code written in Fortran 77 in UNIX and has been running correctly on UNIX for a huge number of input data (assume that it was working for a matrix which has (36090)(128*128) elements).

Right now I am trying to port it to PVF for a low number of input that creates a matrix (8090)(64*64). But, I am generating an access violation within the program where a one parameter is assigned to another one in a loop which multiplies a matrix to a vector.

I am using Windows XP with 3.5 GB memory, 32 bit OS.

I changed the stack size from default value in the command line
Project properties\Fortran\Command line to -stack=1000000000 (50000000, and some other values). However, it still generates access violation or freeze the program. The code basically works in windows for small values of input data.

Do you have any suggestion?


So the program does work, but only for small arrays? My best guess then is that you’re running out of address space. How much total memory are you using? On UNIX, were you running in 64-bits?

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