Accessing camera image from python


I have a 4 wheeled robot with a camera attached and I want to be able to access the image from camera from python at each simulation step as light as possible. How can I do that?

I have found this related thread however the method suggested is depreciated: Accessing camera from python

Currently I am using the replicator render product to save renders from the camera however this is not quite what I want and I am also trying to use the omni.replicator as little as possible.

Hello, have you already tried utilizing the Camera class through from omni.isaac.sensor import Camera? You can find the documentation here if not.

Yes, that worked. Initially, I was trying that approach but didn’t realize that I needed to initialize the camera with camera.initialize().

I said I prefer to limit the use of replicator functions because I believe they are essentially already existing capabilities of Isaac Sim. For instance, instead of using , I can directly utilize the omni.isaac.core.Camera class. Or I can have better control over my randomisations if I do the randomizations myself instead of using rep.modify.pose and rep.distribution.

Are there any specific advantages to using the replicator workflow over the standard Isaac Sim functionalities? I see the Camera class is actually using render product and annotators from the replicator.

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