Accessing GPIO on QNX on Pegasus-Xavier A


I have a series of questions regarding accessing GPIO on Qnx.

1> To enable gpio’s making changes to device tree (dtsi) files. And flash.

But how do it via pinmux file ?..

We can generate dtsi files from Generate DT options in excel sheet. But how to generate multiple .dtsi files specific to each components on SOC(such as UART, SPI, GPIO etc).


We don’t have gpio.h files in QNX include ?

Then to access gpio
Do I have to write program manually specifying the address of gpio followed by opening/closing fd ?
Or we have gpio built-in libraries in QNX similar to that of gpio.h in C or import gpio as in python in Linux platform ?

Hi cool.saurav10,

DRIVE AGX Forum is not able to support QNX issue, please file NVbug for your question with your NVIDIA Online account, be sure with platform and SW information.


Maybe 2nd question can’t be answered.

but I guess 1st can be answered.

I make configurational changes in pinmux_excelSheet.xlsm

It generates 3 dtsi files.

I give this as an input to … This generates galen.cfg

My bsp/hardware/<platform|soc> has multiple dtsi files for uart, gpio, hdmi, camera etc.

My question is how do I change my dtsi file to generate these multiple dtsi files ?

Or are there proper steps to do this ?

Kindly help me with this. :)

Dear cool.saurav10,

Could you please let me know your company and project name?
Because the request should be answered by the project support team. Thanks.

Got it !!

I will signup with my company Mail-Id. and then shall continue discussion on the same.

Thanks Steve