Accessing I2C registers of IMX415 using Jetson AGX Orin

I had set the bit 0 of a camera register of IMX415 - 0x3030 to 1 to horizontally invert an image using the command:
sudo i2cset -y -f 2 0x54 0x30 0x30 0x01 i

running this command does not give any error but I am not able to check if the register is set using i2cget command and the operation of horizontal inversion is also not showing.
Also, before i got two address in i2cbus 2 as 0x34 and 0x54, now only 0x54 is showing, is 0x34 the slave address? but it is not showing so can we use 0x54?


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Hi @safaisayyed1357

You could take a look this wiki which shows examples to write and read registers to make sure you are applying the value correctly:

Regarding the address, you should review the sensor datasheet to find the right slave address for your sensor. You could also read some registers and review the values according to the datasheet information to verify it matches with your sensor

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Thank you so much.
I was able to get the slave address, read and write the registers. But for some reason the correct values are not being set in registers. Is there something to look into before using these commands?