Accessing Jetson device (at lab) from home remotely, giving time out error


The Jetson Xavier is placed at the lab and I want to access it from home different LAN. Using VNC I tried to access but it gives the error “access time out”.

I did the same thing with Latte panda and it is working perfectly. How I can access Jetson remotely?

Any help will be appreciated.


If your lab uses a router, and each device does not have its own publicly accessible IP address (and no public IP is the probable setup), then you’ll need to have your IT people forward any required ports. E.g., for ssh they’d need to forward TCP port 22. Often the Linux device can be set to use an alternate port, e.g., ssh does not have to run on port 22, so there might be some flexibility, but you’d need to talk to your IT people to find out what they allow or can do. For VNC the case would be the same, although ports would differ (I don’t know what ports VNC uses).