Accessing Lidar Image Type Data


  1. In the Lidar Accumulator, how can the distance data be accessed from DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_3D_DISTANCE_IMAGE?

  2. In the Lidar Accumulator, how can the intensity data be accessed from DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_INTENSITY_IMAGE?

  3. Is it possible to access the data within DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_2D_GRID_IMAGE? If yes, how?

The above three are found here -

dwLidarImageType :
Definition of the image type of Lidar cylindrical projection image.

DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_3D_DISTANCE_IMAGE - each pixel is the 3D distance in XYZ space
DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_INTENSITY_IMAGE - each pixel is the Lidar intensity
DW_LIDAR_IMAGE_TYPE_2D_GRID_IMAGE - each pixel is a tuple of 3D Lidar coordinate and intensity

Any definitive pointers would be highly appreciated.

Dear shruths1,

Next DriveWorks SDK for Drive AGX platform will support Q1 & Q2.
Unfortunately, last release for Drive PX2 has DW 1.2.
So could you please consider upgrading to Drive AGX platform to get latest features on DW? Thanks.