Accessing the R5 core for performing Realtime monitor and Control of the GPIO

Based on the documentation there is a Cortex-R5 SPE/AON for Jetson NX, I am looking for accessing this core to use it for some real time monitoring of a GPIO for PPS from GPS module ) , can any GPIO of NX can be accessed by this core by the below method or, Is there any limitation on the GPIO usage?

How to access this core for monitoring PPS and Precise timing generation by receiving PPS and generating start edge aligned PWM o/p in the GPIO? Is there any dedicated PWM controller that can be accessed by this arm core directly and can run in Realtime ?


  1. SPE firmware can only support GPIO pins in AON cluster.
  2. For PPS, I think it can be used by config an input GPIO. You can take a look at GPIO sample for reference.
  3. There’s one PWM (PWM4) in AON cluster, per Xavier TRM, which should be accessible by SPE firmware. But it’s used for fan control by default. And no sample code support in current SPE firmware.


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