Accuracy problem in solution of linear equations Help Required

Hey all,

I am solving linear equations by Jacobi’s iterative method.

My code goes here:-

The code has been deleted


When i am running it on emulatio mode, i get correct answers,
but in vain when on nvidia’s gtx 8800.
The answers are slightly deviated for less variables(2,3,4),
But for 50,60 variables the answers go wrong!!

Any suggestions!!

This usally means that you have a race condition. Since emulation run is syncornized you won’t see it there.

The problem might be here:



You update the same temp[XX] for all tx values for a certain ty thread. Thus all tx threads (for example for ty==0 or ty == 1,…)

update the same shared memory element overriding everything…


Thanks i’ll definietly try.

Here i want that it is not updated if ty==tx, can you please give the modofied code!

Your reply would be highly appreciated!