Acessing embedded metadata from camerasensor using gstreamer application

Hi ,
I am trying to extract embedded meta data from imx327 sensor using a gstreamer based app. I use nvgstapps_src.tbz2 from L4T sources as reference . In nvgstcapture-1.0 application I tried enabling --enable-meta and I tried accesing sensor_data from sensor_metadata structure(sensor_metadata->sensor_data).

AuxData *sensor_metadata = NULL;

I believe it is a void pointer, but I get NULL when i try to access it in probe function. Does it contain the embedded metadata ?

Or is there any other ways to access embedded metadata from senor using gstreamer. If not with gstreamer , is there any way to read the same using argus_camera application?

The existing implementation in arguscamerasrc is to get frame number and timestamp. Please take a look at

You would need to check the source code of nvarguscamerasrc and do customization to get embedded metadata through Argus and pass to next element. The source code is in
L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources

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