ACh Tegra B encounters "query_fw_version: Receive Timeout. Packet loss" after upgrade

Hi, all,

I’m currently upgrading the Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur(P2379) to latest drive version( Drive 5.0.5b). When it restarted, I followed the instructions to ensure that AURIX Firmware was successfully updated too.

sudo /usr/bin/nv_aurix_update -get_fw_version

I found that for the Tegra A,

Flashed EB fw verision

was printed as expected. However, for Tegra B, it showed

query_fw_version: Receive Timeout. Packet loss
Please rerun nv_aurix_update app or check Ethernet configuration
Query Version failed

I also tried to log in via Host minicom, it did not encounter any problems.
Has anyone encountered this? Does this look good? Are there any ways to test it?

Thanks in advance!

Dear sf2584,

This is expected behavior.
Could you please refer to ‘Restore_default_network()’ part in /etc/systemd/scripts/
If you want to verify/check the Aurix firmware version, please use minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1 on host PC. Thanks.