Achieva Shimian monitor no image with driver 331.38 in Ubuntu Linux64 13.10

My Achieva Shimian monitor no longer gets an image with the 331.20 and 331.30 drivers. I get an image from the BIOS when the computer boots but nothing at all from X.

I used the same xorg.conf with a ModeLine that works on 319.17.
The Achieva Shimian has a native resolution of 2560x1440 and has only one DVI input. No EDID info in it.
The Xorg.0.log looks very similar to the older version of the driver when it works fine.

The 331.20 and 331.38 drivers seem to work fine with a DELL monitor, model U2412M with the resolution 1920x1200.

OS is Ubuntu 13.10, 64 bits.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (230 KB)

I’m giving up hope this will get resolved.

Could anyone recommend another 2560x1440 or higher resolution monitor that will work with the current drivers?