Achieving Multi-coloured organ segmentation workflow

How to achieve multi-colored organ segmentation like the example given in test-data/ct-wb-viz. When I perform AI workflow on the reconstructed volume generated using sinogram data from test-data/ct-abdominal-study-1, the workflow does segment the volume into regions, but these regions are not color coded like the default example.

What exactly I need to do in order to get similar results as of the example in test-data/ct-wb-viz.

ct-wb-viz contains whole body CT reconstructed volume along with the segmented masks and transfer function. Sinogram for this data (for reconstruction) is not shipped with the SDK. To visualize the color coded organs for this volume, copy the folder into render server (by default it should be seen in render server).

ct-abdominal-study-1 contains raw sinogram for abdominal scan, that can be used for reconstruction. To visualize the color coded organs for abdominal reconstructed volume, a transfer function is required. Transfer function can be generated in render server.

Both folders contain different datasets.