acml undefined reference to `__fvdcos'


I’m using the acml library to compile a program with pgf77

I get the following errors:

libacml.a(dlarnv.o)(.text+0x591): In function dlarnv_': : undefined reference to __fvdcos’
libacml.a(dlarnv.o)(.text+0x5f8): In function dlarnv_': : undefined reference to __fvdcos’
libacml.a(dlarnv.o)(.text+0x6bb): In function dlarnv_': : undefined reference to __fmth_i_dcos’

can anyone help me with this??
I searched for these functions, but couldn’t find anything on the net.



edit: I’m using acml3.6.0 pgi64_int64 library and pgf77 version 6.1

Hi Steven,

These symbols are from the PGI 6.2 “fast math” routines found in libpgc.a. So my guess is that your using the latest ACML with an earlier compiler or and not using pgf77 to link.

  • Mat


thank you for the help.

I tried acml version 3.5.0 and this works with pgi 6.1

Is there any performance gain in going to pgi 6.2 (with acml 3.6.0)
from these “fast math” routines?


While I don’t know for sure, I doubt ACML calls cosine often enough to make an impact in it’s performance. However, we have made many performance improvements in 6.2 which might have an impact on your application. Feel free to download 6.2 and give it a try. If you’re on subscription, you should be able to upgrade for no additional cost.

  • Mat