Acsess denied

why do i always get this Access Denied all the time
when i try to download this file “NVIDIA_Texture_Tools_for_Adobe_Photoshop_2021.2.0.exe”
I’m at the point where it is just pointless trying, why make something free so hard to download,

If they didn’t get back to you by now I’m giving up on Nvidia…
You posted Nov 13 and it’s now Nov 28!

Hi Steve and bubu648 - is it possible you’re running into the same issue as in It looks like it’s easy to skip the “Join the Developer Program” checkbox while signing up, and the Developer Program account’s required to download the executable.

No, I found the issue.

I clicked the direct link,
It came back with Access Denied again so I clicked to add the developer to my programs again using NVIDIA Developer Program | NVIDIA Developer then tried the first link again and the download initiated instantly!