Activating 10GbE Controllers in Pegasus Board

Hello everyone.

I am trying to connect the two 10GbE controller’s through the HSD connectors together but it seems that the interfaces are not active.
How can I bring-up/activate this interfaces so I can communicate from XavierA to XavierB ?

The connections I am referring to is marked as C in the following block diagram

Thanks in advance

Hi @erick.vieyra,

Please take a look at “APPENDIX B. DUAL 10G ETHERNET DONGLE” in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Product Brief (PDF).

So we don’t have this adaptor at the moment so we connected E3579 to just bring up the link and looks like the Fiber connection is not coming up?

Having a E3585 is a must? At this point we just wanted to check the basic network connectivity B2B within the same unit not the top speed.

The E3579 dongle supports 1 GbE (1000BASE-T1), not 10 GbE, so it won’t work for 10 GbE.
E3585 is only needed when the 10G port is needed to another ECU/Device which has RJ45 so a HSD cable should be okay.

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Hello @VickNV
Thanks for your response!
We have attempted to connect two Xaviers using an HSD cable but we could not ping from one xavier to the other one. In order to troubleshoot the issue, could you help us clarify the following questions?

  1. What would be the network topology? (is a switch needed in-between two HSD cables) etc.
  2. If no switch needed, I assume the cable needs to be a cross-over cable. Is this correct?
  3. What is the default name of that interface (i.e. enp4s0, eth0, etc)
  4. Is there any chance that the interface could be down or needed additional steps to activate?