Ada Series - Interlaced Encoding

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Is there any info for the Ada series (like NVIDIA L40) to support native interlaced video encoding?

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I am afraid that based on my information NVIDIA did not re-introduce Field Encoding (Interlacing) to the Ada design. This feature has been discontinued with Turing hardware already.

But the new chip now supports AV1 natively.

Beside that we have also updated our NVENC/NVDEC feature matrix with ADA specs.


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Thank you for the information. I would really like to see interfaced encoding (field encoding) support as still we need 1080i50 on traditional broadcasting platforms like satellite or cable networks.

Do you have any info if we can do it via cuda cores? Writing cuda code for FFmpeg for this purpose. There are lfilters like “tinterlace”. Maybe we can move it to gpu to support this feature. I just wonder if this is technically possible or not.

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I am pretty certain that video processing can be done via CUDA, if you are willing to do most of the raw data processing yourself. Sadly the native video encoding support was removed in CUDA version 6.5 I think, when NVENC and the dedicated encoder chip became common. But it was also for H264 progressive only, not for field encoding.

You might want to post this question in our CUDA forums, they are well frequented and people are very knowledgeable.


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Thx for the key updates

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