Adafruit I2C microphone with AGX Xavier

Dear All,

I would like to connect 4x Adafruit SPH0645 I2C microphones ( to an AGX Xavier Developer kit. 2x microphones can be connected using the following pinouts:

3.3V connected to 3.3V

GND connected to GND

BCLK connected to GPIO_GEN1 (AUDIO I2S #0 clock)

DOUT connected to GPIO20 (AUDIO I2S #0 DATA IN)

LRCLK connected to GPIO19 (Audio I2S #0 L/R clock)

What other GPIO pinouts can I use on the AGX XAvier developer kit for connecting the other 2x Adafruit microphones?

Do I have to do some modifications in the device-tree?

Thank you

Hi @alexbocc,

You can review the Xavier Audio Subsystem in this wiki page:

There is an I2S interface in the 40-pin expansion header in the Xavier carrier board. However you can’t use the remaining interfaces because they are being used for another purposes.

  • I2S4: M.2 Key E interface

  • I2S6: not connected

  • I2S1: Audio Codec

  • Carlos R.