Adaptive bitrate/multi-resolution video/camera streaming in a LAN


I have a Jetson TX1 board which is connected to a LAN topology. I am trying to stream the onboard camera from it to another device in the topology and capture the stream either by VLC or gst-launch.

I was able to do the simple video streaming but I am trying to do adaptive bitrate or adaptive resolution change depending on the network bandwidth. I have a pair of airFiber tx/rx to simulate network congestion.

I tried many solutions like streaming a video using OBS streaming or GStreame. I also tried to share the OBS stream to an AntMedia server and then listen to it using VLC on the other side.

I wasn’t lucky with any of these solutions. OBS I think it didn’t work as supposed to be, and I didn’t know how to create the pipeline to read the camera’s stream adaptively and send it over the network.

Please share any free software or any resources that might help since I spent two full days searching online.


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