Add a new driver MAX9271 jetson agx xavier

I’m trying to add a new driver, the serialiser Max9271 so I changed the deviceTree and add my serialiser.
I recompiled the kernel source with my new serialiser code and i tried to flash my nvidia with the new Image that i made and the new dts.
the nvidia boot well, but when i go in “/sys/bus/i2c/drivers” I don’t see my serialiser.

here the code of the serialiser;
max9271.c (8.0 KB)

am i forced to have a function called probe in my serialiser code ?
as i can see to the deserialiser max9296.

for the dts i took the example of the JCB002 and i replace the serialiser Max9295 with the serialiser Max9271.
I know this is not correct but i just want to see my serialiser load in my nvidia
here my dts changed:
devicetree_file_name_bis.dts (247.7 KB)


hello utilisateur575,

please check Sensor Software Driver Programming to implement the driver,
you may also refer to Tutorial page and see V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial for the hands-on video.

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