Add a second viewport through UI

I would like to add another viewport so I can look at a front view and side view simultaneously. How do I do this?

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Hello @mcragun! Thanks for posting! The development team is currently working on adding multiple viewport support. So unfortunately, it is not available yet. I will inform the team that you requested this feature!

Multiple viewports support in coming this fall.

Hi fdelise,
Any update on this feature? can’t wait to have that.


Hi @terryzhv83! This is a highly requested feature! The development team hard at work getting this feature ready for release. Unfortunately, I do not have a set timeframe of when this feature will be released.

You can see what we are working on by taking a look at our Public Roadmap: Omniverse Public Roadmap

Hi Wendy,
That is a great roadmap. I watched the multiview rendering at the KIT SDK, guess that is what I need.