Add a slvs-ec image sensor driver code

Hello! I’m trying to add a sony imx383 image sensor, which is a slvs-ec 8 lane interface sensor, to the JETSON AGX XAVIER develop kit. But I don’t now how to start it. Can anyone give me help?

From hardware point, there is camera module design guide in DLC for this. Also there is dev kit carrier board schematic for reference:

Thank you! And what about the software part? I have searched about this topic in the Nvidia download center and forums. There is a introduction about the MIPI interface sensor at this doucument: But I can’t find any guide about bringing up a slvs-ec interface sensor.

You can reference to the imx204 as slvs-ec sensor.

Any reason to use slvs-ec sensor, current we didn’t verify this type of sensor with current release BSP yet. We are going to check it with partner now. I would suggest after we have verify it from the software otherwise it could be difficult if hit problem during bring up stage.