Add additional metadata to rtsp sink output

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

GPU - T4 Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)**
5.1 DeepStream Version**

*we are sourcing from MDX ITS stand-alone application

questions: In this video: NVIDIA DeepStream Technical Deep Dive : Multi-Object Tracker - YouTube, I see additional metadata (trajectory, frame number, previous observation locations, etc.) in the RTSP output stream. We currently have bbox, tracker-id, etc in our rtsp. Can you provide guidance on how best to add this metadata to an output stream?

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about frame number, please refer to sample osd_sink_pad_buffer_probe() of deepstream-test1, you can add NvDsDisplayMeta to show frame number in NvDsFrameMeta.
about trajectory and previous observation locations, nvtracker can give every tracker object 's bbox, you also can call nvds_add_display_meta for every object, using NvDsDisplayMeta’s line and circle to link passed bbox center points of every tracker object.

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Can you share a example code for this ? Do we need to use Tracker Meta data to know the past location of tracked object ? when I used NvDsObjectMeta and call nvds_add_display_meta_to_frame for each object in the current frame then center point is displayed but with every frame it disappears . How can I record the previous locations per frame for a specific object id given by tracker ?


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