Add archives of cuDNN 8.8.0 to

Hi! I help maintain the nvidia software stack for, which manages various HPC software stacks.
To pull in software for the various flavors of linux running on HPC centers, we prefer using generic sources and archive versions rather than an already packaged version such as deb/rpm/etc.
For cuDNN <= 8.7.0 we managed to do this for cuDNN using the .tar.xz from Index of /compute/redist/cudnn, however for cuDNN 8.8.0 the archive is missing.
The archive is available when downloading from non-redist, but as we might need to pull in sources many many times during the build of a software stack, manually downloading every time is not feasible.

Could you please add the (already existing) tar archives to redist?

With regards,
Robert Jan Schlimbach
SURF Amsterdam

Hi @robertjan.schlimbach ,
Please stay tuned for the update. Will et back to you shortly on this.


Hi @robertjan.schlimbach ,
You can find it here.


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Much appreciated 👍

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