Add Expand/Collapse list to Jetson Download Center

There are many duplicated titles in a long long list of downloads, even a filter has been applied. And most of them are just in different versions.

So, showing only one item and collapsing it’s different versions defaultly is helpful to users who want to find info quickly.

Such as this:
+ L4T Documentation 32.1 2019/03/18 (latest)

When user click “+ L4T Documentation 32.1 2019/03/18 (latest)”, then show as

- L4T Documentation 32.1 2019/03/18
          Details for v32.1
   +L4T Documentation 32.0- 2018/03/18
   +L4T Documentation 31.0- 2017/03/18

Hi @Keelung,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. Thanks for reaching out. I have sent your suggestion on to the team that manages those pages.

Tom K