Add GPU libs 32bits support in the future?

Could you add support 32bit GPU drivers libs in the repo?

Sometimes one needs by design to run in 32bit mode

For example the application

box86 works by directly translating function calls from x86 to host system, the host system (the one box86 is running on) needs to have 32bits library. Box86 doesn’t include any 32bits <-> 64bits translation. So basically, to run box86 on, for example, an ARM64 platform, you will need to build box86 for arm 32bits, and also need to have a chroot with 32bits library.

So Without GPU 32bits libs we can’t acces to GPU in these case and if I force LLVM mesa i conflicted with the propietary driver in some files.

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how workarround on to do on this in the actual stage in L4T?

Thanks for answering. It was what I imagined, a pity:(
With the potential of nano, we can make great projects run Many 32-bit x86 games from the 90-2000 era onwards not exist on arm linux.
This limitation is very similar with Steam on PC you needed gpu 32libs for the run.

Prof of concept running on RPI4

Hopefully reconsider in the future.

Thanks for the proposal. This is a good usecase but now we focus on deep learning usecases on Jetson platforms. May not have plan to publish a 32-bit release. Sorry for that.