Add GStreamer Python overrides by default with next release of deepstream

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): GPU
• DeepStream Version: 5:20.09
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs): New Requirement

From the next release of Deepstream, can it be shipped along with the Gst-python overrides? There are a lot of useful overrides like make_and_add() and link_many() which should simplify the code, make it more pythonic and readable
(the link_many() function from C-GStreamer does not have a direct binding in Python)

If this is being done, perhaps the Python-examples on Nvidia-ai-iot github can also be updated

This can be done in many ways, an example Dockerfile that makes use of the GS-python bindings can be seen here. Do note that the overrides have to be installed exactly where Gstreamer has setup the python bindings. In case on Ubuntu it was installed using OS packages (apt-get install …), then you might have to make a symbolic link to link the installation directories (as seen in the first RUN command of the Dockerfile I linked^

It is gstreamer release, deepstream is not using latest gstreamer but the formal distribution with ubuntu. So the new gst-python overrides will not be available in next deepstream version.

Thank you @Fiona.Chen for your response

I understand the GStreamer version used is the formal Ubuntu version.

Just recommend that the Python bindings alone be overriden after the usual installation of gst-python, as is the intended usage of the official gst-python repository ( :)