Add hdr40 setting in BSP with Jetpack6


I’m using the custom board for AGX Orin.
In JP5 we can add hdr40 setting like below
[tegra234-p3701-0000-hdr40.dtsi.txt (2.8 KB)]
and include in :
[tegra234-p3701-0000-p3737-0000.dts.txt (4.3 KB)]
with our BSP, and then we can direct to flash to our board without jetson-io to open spi1.

But In JP6 BSP how to add hdr40 setting and include?

Many Thanks!!

Sorry for the late response.
Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

Jetson-IO may not work for your custom carrier board.
For JP6, please use OVERLAY DTB to add custom configuration for device tree.
You may also need to configure the pinmux dtsi through pinmux spreadsheet before using the pins.

Hi @KevinFFF @kayccc ,
Thank you for reply.
I’m successfully to add hdr40 setting(enable spi1) in my BSP, and below is my step:

  1. Using the dtbo generated by jetson-io and then copy this file to BSP under the


  1. Decompile dtbo into dts and add hdr40-pin19、21、23(I don’t know why jetson-io doesn’t generate)

  2. Edit the Makefile under the overlay and follow the [Kernel Customization] to make kernel、module、dtb(Kernel Customization — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation)

  3. If above make step successfully will find the jetson-io-hdr40-user-custom.dtbo under the


  1. Use OVERLAY DTB to add custom configuration for device tree ,add dtbo name to p3701.conf.common and jetson-agx-orin-devkit.conf

And then flash to target board will see the default jetson-io setting was enable spi1.

Are this step all right for develop?
Many Thanks!!

Yes, your steps look good to me and the result seems expected.