Add mort RJ49 Ethernet port

Hi, the nvidia carrier only has one RJ45 ethernet port. My user case need 6 RJ45 ports to communicate with
I can think there are two methods. 1, Add a RJ45 ethernet hub. 2, Using a PCIe network card.

My questions:
1, For the first method. Something like below works?
2, For the second method. Does the PCIe 2 support this function? I still need PCIe 0 for SSD and PCIe 1 for WIFI/BT moudule. Does the linux ddriver or dtb/dts need to update?


Using usb or pcie for more RJ45 should be okay. But need to consider the performance.

More RJ45 would make the loading higher.

hi WayneWWW,
For pcie, Does the linux driver or dtb/dts need to update?
How about RJ45 ethernet hub? One RJ45 ports in and 6 RJ46 ports out.

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