Add obj model error

In g3Dprint sample, I was trying to change the position where lucy.obj is located. I found that if the location is set to be Vector3DF(50,55,50), the model is committed and drawn properly. Like this pic

Here used leaf nodes number is 292.

But if I change the position to Vector3DF(0,0,0), only the +X, +Y, +Z direction part is committed and drawn

The leaf node number dropped to 47.

Is there anything to do with the negative index space?

I’ve been trying to peruse the programming guide (V1.1) and on line 6 of page 65 it says:

“Translate: A world translation factor applied to all points. This is useful, when needed to ensre that the points all reside in the positive domain.”

This excerpt is explaining an input argument for the InsertPoints function, and it implies that we do have to have all of the points located in positive world space, though it doesn’t directly state it.