Add opencv_contrib to opencv2 (already installed) with CUDA 6.5

Hi everybody.

I installed CUDA 6.5 and opencv2 with JetPack 3.x for Jetson TK1 Development Kit.
JetPack installed on my PC host (Ubuntu 14.04) all the tools and the necessary libraries. In particular it includes also opencv2 library.

I’m actually working on the host PC (and I’ll move on the Jetson later, also if I’m not sure it is a good idea).
However I’m developing a C++ application that use darknet framework and now I need opencv_contrib.
All the guides founded talking about installation of opecv + opencv_contrb togheter.

My question is if is possible to integrate opencv_contrib in the opencv2 which is already installed with JetPack.

Anyone can help me?

I find this:
So, i think it is not possible for now.

If I want to build another version of opencv with the opencv_contrib modules in my c++ application, qill it can creat problem with the opencv version installed with cuda toolkit?