Add our GPS coordinates into your sample "mapaccess" trough .xml file


Is it possible to create a project to simulate a view from a car like in your sample “mapaccess” (third tile) but with our GPS data? Our GPS data points are edges of a racing track so we don’t have things like a lane divider nor we need do lane planning etc. We would like only to draw a small segment of racing track in front of us based on the GPS position that a car is sending, something like in your sample but instead of a highway, we would show track.


Hello Rmarko0,
in order to create a map from your data, we are offering several mapping tools:

Then once you have a map file, you will be able to load it and draw it.

what you are looking for is a one-lane road, and then you’ll have a map with a racing track.

please check if you are able to convert your data into a DriveWorks map format.