Add parameters to driver installer

(I’ve already posted this at, but I think this is a more suited place.)

I’m working at a place with a couple hundres nvidia graphics card (mostly 680) and we often update the drivers. Some of my colleagues are not that into kernels, modules, etc., so I’m trying to ease their job a bit.

I’m trying to get a install command for the linux driver that will rely on close to none user input. There are already a lot of useful parameters, but I’m still missing a few. The parameters I need are as follow:
1.) Do not install OpenGL 32 bit libraries (I’m installing 64 bit)
2.) Do not generate xorg.conf
3.) Hide the warning about missing nvidia gfx (I’m installing in a chroot)

I can’t use --silent since there are some input I still want.

There’s also a problem with depmod when installing in a chroot. Please add a parameter to set the path yourself as I’m running a different kernel on the inside of the chroot.

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  1. You can skip the 32-bit libraries by downloading the -no-compat32 version of the .run file.
  2. It already doesn’t generate an xorg.conf unless you pass the -X option. Or are you saying you don’t even want it to ask the question?
  3. If you don’t mind using a text-based interface, you can pass the --ui=none option. It’ll still print the warning about no devices being found, but it doesn’t wait for input after that.

Finally, if you want more control over the install process, you can build nvidia-installer yourself from You can extract a .run package with the -x option, cd into the extracted directory, and run your custom nvidia-installer from there. We do change the installer from time to time, so please make sure you use a custom one built from the same source as the package you’re installing. I tag all of the releases so you should be able to run "git checkout " to get the version that was used to build the nvidia-installer embedded in the .run package.

Thanks for a great reply!

1.) Had no idea. Thanks! This will come in handy.
2.) Yeah, I don’t want to answer the question.
3.) That did the trick.

Also, regarding the depmod. Now I have to run depmod -aq “$kernel” /lib/modules/"$kernel"/video/nvidia.ko after the installer. Is it possible to send the wanted kernel as a argument so the NVIDIA installer will run that command instead of depmod -aq /lib/modules/"$kernel"/video/nvidia.ko?