Add three ethernet port but it can not working

We design a new carrier board on Xavier, and we add three ethernet port by UPHY0, UPHY7, UPHY8, and we use the LAN7430 to change the PCIe to Ethernet,

1、I don’t konw how to change the dts, can you give me some suggestion?
2、can you give me the driver for LAN743x for version 32.6.1 on AGX xavier,because the driver what we find on the
internet can not work on it.
Thank you very much.

  1. There shouldn’t be any device tree change. Please check if lspci can detect them or not.

  2. We don’t provide vendor driver. If our kernel source does not have it, then we don’t have it either. Please consult with the vendor to get their driver.

Hi ,
OK, I will check the driver for the vendor
Now I use the lspci,but I can not find anything information
Does it mean there is a problem with our hardware?

Please share your dmesg.

tmp.log (82.0 KB)
please check it, Thank you

Could you also share lspci?

nv@nv-desktop:~$ lspci
0001:00:00.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1ad2 (rev a1)
0001:01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Microchip Technology / SMSC Device 7430 (rev 11)
0003:00:00.0 PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1ad2 (rev a1)
0003:01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Microchip Technology / SMSC Device 7430 (rev 11)

PCI seems to be able to recognize two different devices.
Do I just need to add the lan743x driver to make it work?
By the way, why did I only recognize two lan7430, but we took three?
In addition, why can our network card only negotiate the 100 megabit rate, but not the Gigabit rate
Thank you


  1. I am not sure about your exact question here. Why are you able to see network card but you also said you need lan743x driver? I mean if you don’t have this driver, then your network interface won’t be up. You won’t have a 100 M speed problem here.

  2. Where is the third card connected here? Do you have a schematic?

1、Sorry, I didn’t describe it clearly. I have a total of four network ports, three of which are through lan743x and there is no driver, so there is no connection. One is designed completely with reference to Xavier dome board, which can be connected, but can only obtain 100m network.

2、This is our part of the schematic
tmp_schematic.pdf (323.1 KB)

Are you talking about you have a ethernet port that is not going through PCIe but directly go to ethernet pin?

If so, please file separate topic for that. We only deal with PCIe issue here.

OK, As for another port, I will submit topic separately

I saw 14140000.pcie and 14100000.pcie is up.

And the connection is uphy0, uphy7 and uphy 8.

C4 for uphy 8 is not enabled by default. Please enable pcie@14160000 in the device tree.

OK, I will try to do it,
You can turn off this topic first.
If there is a problem with lan743x,
I will put forward a new topic. Thank you

While I enable the pcie@14160000, the pcie will init failed, and the yphy0 uphy8 will also not find
this is dmesg, Can you give me some suggest
add_pcie_1416.log (80.6 KB)

there is some other information:
we use the kernel5.10 version(Not yet published for you)
it include the LAN743x driver, and we have 3 eth worked,now just the uphy8 not work


Can you firstly use k4.9 version to test the pcie@14160000? Looks like something is still missing device tree. Not sure if related to k5.10.

Please check if pcie@14160000 has any phys and phy-names properties.

I check it on k4.9, it is the same

Then please add phys and phy-names manually.

I’m not sure what these parameters mean. Is there any relevant document to guide me

Change it to the lane you need.