Add three ethernet port but it can not working

I’m not sure what these parameters mean. Is there any relevant document to guide me

Thank you

phys and phy-name just indicate the pcie lane mapping to the hardware.

I add this code to the device-tree , and UPHY8 is work ,but 14140000.pcie and 14100000.pcie is down

pcie@14160000 {
status = “okay”;
vddio-pex-ctl-supply = <&p2888_spmic_sd3>;
nvidia,disable-aspm-states = <0xf>;
nvidia,max-speed = <4>;
phys = <&p2u_8>;
phy-names = “pcie-p2u-0”;

Can you give me some suggest

Any dmesg to share?

This the log
1111.log (83.0 KB)
Please check it

Could you also attach the dts converted back from your current dtb?

tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000.dtb (209.5 KB)
This the dtb, please check it


Please try to convert it by using dtc tool and attach it here.

Hi, we have get the driver from vendor , and that is OK, thank you very much

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