add two ethernet port but not working

We design a new carrier board on Xavier, and we add two ethernet port by UPHY7, and the M.2 Key E used by UPHY8-9.

But the two ethernet(Intel I210) port not working, how do i find the root cause?

I think that we need to modify the dts, but I don’t know how to modify it.

By the way , M.2 Key E also need modify the dts, right? And how to modify?

Could you give me some suggestions? thanks.

Could you please share the dmesg when your device is not working?

Also, is there any PCIe device that can work on your carrier board?

there is no any error message when i plug in the lan.

And I can use the command(lspci) to get the two enthernet controller.

the orignal ethernet port is working, but the news(two ethernet) all can’t.

But original ethernet port is not based on PCIe device.


But I want to know that the new ethernet port and M.2 Key E need to modify the dts?

Could you check runtime device tree?

cd /proc/device-tree

The pcie controller should have status=“okay”, please check that first.

I found the pcie controller list using “cd /proc/device-tree”, bue pcie controller is not only one.

There are pcie@14100000、pcie@14120000、pcie@14140000…, total 10 controllers.

Which one is the corrent?? And How to know that??


pcie@14100000 indicates the C0 controller as you saw in OEM Design guide.

Those controller with “-ep” suffix is for endpoint mode, and you should not need this.

Hi WayneWWW,

I get the pcie@14160000(C3) the status is “disabled”.

So, I need modify the status to “okay” in dts, right?

How do i modify the status??

I just modify in the dts file, but not working.

The status always “disabled”, even I modifyed.

For your M.2 Key E card, please enable 14160000. That one should be responsible for the 2 lane pcie.

My Ethernet controller is used by 14160000(UPHY7)(C3), M.2 Key E card is used by 14180000(UPHY8-9)(C4).

So, I enable the 14160000, the ethernet will work, right?

And I enable the 14180000, the M.2 Key E card will work, right?

By the way, the “enable” is set the status(“disabled”->“okay”) in dts?

No, I think there is some mistake. The number of pcie@141x0000 is not direct mapping to C0 ~ C5 in incremental order.

For your M.2 key E card, please try with 1416000.

As for Uphy 7, it should already set to enable by default.

The correct mapping should be

C0 -> M.2 key M on devkit 14180000
C1 -> eSATA on devkit 14100000
C2 -> no use 14120000
C3 -> M.2 key E on devkit 14140000
C4 -> no use 14160000

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your reply, but how do I enable the 14160000??

I modify the dts, it not work.

I need change the Kconfig???

Thank you!

I think modifying device tree is enough. There are few possibilities that might fail to update device tree.

  1. Update the wrong dts file
  2. does not flash to the correct dtb partition

Please share which file you were modifying.