Added pointlight in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal

Hi, just discovered what looks like a bug. I added a point light in Maya, but got a spotlight in Unreal (still called “point light”), but it is in fact a Spotlight-type. Works when I add a pointlight in Unreal. And show up correctly in Create.
Cheers, Tobias
(latest connectors, just reinstalled today)

Hello @tobias.staerk! Appreciate you bring this to our attention. Could I get a bit more information so that we can try to reproduce the problem on our end for a fix?

What is your Operating System?
What version of Maya are you using? (2023?)
Are you using Unreal Engine 4 or 5?

Also, if possible, could you attach any logs from your Maya and UE directories:
Found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse<CONNECTORNAME>

(An internal ticket was generated from this post: OM-54241: Added pointlight in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal)

This is do to light types all mapping back to USD type lights. Not all lights are supported in all apps. We have room to improve with light type mapping. Thank you for reporting this.

Hello @tobias.staerk! I just wanted to let you know that the dev team has fixed this problem. It should be available in the next version of the Maya Connector.