Adding a gripper to UR5e

Hello everyone!

I need to add a gripper to an UR5e robot. Can you give me some documentation about how to controll the robot with the gripper. can I still use RmpFlow like this (see below) or do I need to addapt it?

rmp_config = load_supported_motion_policy_config(“UR5e”, “RMPflow”)
_rmpflow = RmpFlow(**rmp_config)

I am trying to create a Pick and Place scenario like place the gripper above a cube, close the gripper, move the cube and open the gripper.
It can be any gripper.
Thanks for your support!

Hi @bogdan_stego - I think this section of document will be helpful to you: 5.7. Adding a New Manipulator — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

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