Adding a New Remote Location where SSH port is not 22

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Workbench Version
Desktop App v0.44.8
CLI v0.21.3

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Local Windows 11
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Local Ubuntu 22.04
Remote Ubuntu 22.04

Currently trying to set up a Remote Workbench location using an On-Demand GPU service (like Runpod). With these services, the SSH port 22 is mapped onto a different public port (in this case 16316).

However, the validation on the Add Remote Location form in the AI Workbench UI doesn’t permit SSH connection strings such as ssh://root@x.x.x.x:16316. Is this intented, or is there another way to specify a different port to 22 when adding a Remote host?

Thank you!

UPDATE: I managed to trick the application into accepting my connection by manually modifying the ~/.nvwb/contexts.json file and appending a connection as such:

 "remote": {
  "name": "local",  # trick AI Workbench into accepting an inexistent context
  "description": "RunPod RTX4090: Ubuntu 22.04, CUDA 12.2",
  "hostname": "x.x.x.x",
  "workbenchDir": "/home/bogdan/.nvwb",
  "sshKeyPath": "~/.ssh/id_rsa",
  "sshUsername": "root",
  "servicePort": 16316
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Yes, the next release of AI Workbench will support specifying custom SSH ports when adding a remote Location. Glad you have found a workaround in the meantime.

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