adding additional components on the MIPI I2C


i am designing a sensor board connected via the MIPI connector on the TX2 carrier board,
my question is can i add more I2C components (eeprom, IMU, led drivers) on the same I2C as the MIPI

the question arises when i am thinking it the I2C is “alive” when there is no video interface on the NVIDIA chip
so i can manage my board through the I2C when there is no Video

also my plan is to send the video through SerDes - are there any restrictions on the I2C in such a case? (Jitter/band width/latency)?

thanks for everyone for sharing their knowledge


Shouldn’t be a problem. There have similar design from camera partner. You can also check the product design from partner.

thank you for the response
can you add the link?

thanks looking for the specs of that